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MMP Elder

As you can see, the posting on this mailboard has an integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) system.
That means you can easily add bigger/smaller letters, bold, italic, centered, justified, or left/right aligned text, email links or image links and… smileys.

There are more possibilities if you choose to use the regular “post reply” instead of the “quick reply” (such as the link of images which is only available for “regular reply posting” )

There is also a list of smileys. So far, the list of smileys is short. I can add several others. Since we are a mithril community, we could even think of mithril related smileys, with defined shortcuts. Please feel free to give suggestions to moderators who will then post them on the “chambers of Mandos” section, for further improvment of the smileys base.

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