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History is never easily divided up into ‘periods’ without the risk of one person’s definition differing from another – Indian historians, for instance, consider that the Middle Ages lasted up to at least the middle/end of the 18th century! To me, the ‘High’ Middlle Ages are the period 1300-1450, and anything before that is consequently ‘early’.

As regards Chris’s Gondorian soldiery, I rather like them – but that may be because I have a soft spot for fading Byzantium in the ‘real’ world, which is the ‘look’ I think Chris was aiming at. It’s a shame that he has never realised his dream (so far!) of designing figures to match all of the provincial contingents as outlined in the Tengwar articles all those years ago. But who knows, he may yet (incidentally, I suspect the articles were rather more John Treadaway’s work than Chris’s).

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