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Where this datasheet link?

I can be a bit of a moron, sometimes. Your links are perfectly logical, sensible and easy – just as soon as I connect my numb brain to what I should be doing! :D


Eribhen (AKA the Young; Eribhen da Moigh)

Eribhen was the grandchild of Derna, a famous wisewoman and priestess of Dunland. She was obsessed with the ghosts which haunted her people’s dreams and legends. When she was still but a child, she was apprenticed to the aging priest Ruil. Ruil gifted her with the ghost-bane staff. Eribhen delved into the powers of necromancy and sorcery and soon enough she was ensnared by the darkness. In her time, she became the high priestess of all Dunland, and annointed the warlord Ulf Dilain as high chief. At her urging, his warbands invaded Gondor in TA 1697. Alas for their ambitions, Ulf was ambushed in Calenardhon and died during a skirmish at a ford. His forces were destroyed in the days following his death. With her allies dead or in exile, Eribhen withdrew into hermitage and is said to have died alone.

Before her death, she gifted the notorious Ghostbane staff to an apprentice, Tughaib.


The Dunmen of old were ancestor worshippers, laying their dead in great barrows, surrounded by treasures. Wise men and wise women would speak to the dead, whispering prophecies and wisdom, secrets and portents to the leaders of the Daen tribes. But there was another set of practices, lurking like an illness, worked often in secret. Men called this the “dark worship.” The Wise had other names for it. These ways were the ways of the enemy, where dark priests would bend the voices of the dead to their will, reach deep into the shadows of the night seeking power and lore. In the shadows, voices answered, voices in the service of the Dark Enemy himself. Ruil was one such priest. Perhaps once, in far off days, he respected the ways of his people and propiated the spirits properly. But eventually, he found the shadows and the power they offered.


Tughaib, or Tughaib of the Spirits is a handsome woman, born of the harsh highlands and foothills of the Misty Mountains. Said to have Elven blood, she was tall, strong and wily. She had a power, born perhaps of that rumoured Elven blood, but also the product of long years of training and learning at the feet of the priest Eribhen.

The worship of the Dark has a long history amongst the Daen peoples of the White Mountains and Dunland. Tughaib would become one of its greatest powers. During the plague years a clan of Dunmen fled into the Undeeps of the Misty Mountains, where they perished and lingered on as ghosts and wights. Tughaib, a practitioner of the dark arts and the wielder of the Ghostbane staff, found their lonely tomb in the dark places beneath the world. Armed with the power of the staff, she was able to bend these inquiet spirits to her will. There, in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, overlooking the barren crags of the Dunmen, she dreamed of becoming a power, a queen of ghosts.

History does not tell precisely what happened to Tughaib of the spirits, but the wise believe some brave souls slew her, and scattered her army of dark things to the spring winds in the mountains.

The Ghostbane staff was forged by Dwarf smiths in the service of Mordor, in the dark years of the Second Age.

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