Welcome to Mithril Faerylands!

This site is dedicated to miniature pewter figurines made by Mithril, based on the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” novels by Professor J.R.R.Tolkien

In these pages, you will find several informations about Mithril and its founder/main sculptor, the reknown Chris Tubb ; along with my background and expectations about this site.
But the main interest of this site is a complete Database which covers all the references ever created by Mithril in detail. In the database you will find informations for each reference, regarding :

  • Range, Series
  • Race, Ethnic Group, Gender
  • Profession, Main Weapon
  • Year of Release, Rarity, Availability, Average Price
  • Number of parts, Other related figurines
  • And of course, official images (as well as fan painting images)

This site is also hosting the Many Mithril Page (MMP) community discussion boards. You’ll get access to the forums directly from here.

In addition to the database, I have put in place a Gallery for all kinds of Mithril related pictures, submitted by fans for display. You’ll also find pics of prototypes, unique stuff and mithril related material that does not fit and that you certainly would not find anywhere else on the internet!

You will also find an interview I had with Chris Tubb and a brief Mithril history. And don’t forget to visit the Links Section.
I hope you’ll enjoy your visit !