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    • The Prancing Pony
      Come! Come Traveller! The Prancing Pony has opened its doors once again! Have a seat, Barliman should be there shortly!
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    • Gildor

    • MMP Who’s who
      here members of MMP community can present themselves and are free to display pictures from their real life (members only)
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    • Fabrice JACOB

    • The Marketplace of Tharbad
      A place to discuss sales offers or news found on ebay or other such places. it can also relate comments on forthcoming sales, either official or not... (members only)
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    • Gildor

    • The Crossroads of Esgaroth
      Trading place for the members of the MMP community only. One thread per transaction please. The thread will be closed once the transaction is finished
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    • Fabrice JACOB

    • The Playgrounds of Erebor
      Here we can discuss about all games (cards, rpg, battlegames) that use, have used, or could use Mithril figurines as game accessories.
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    • hsf62

    • Guided Tour of the MMP
      this topic relates all the notices and explanations for the functionnalities and technical possibilites of this mailboard
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    • Milo

    • The Court of Ardor
      In these pages, people will find the history behind all mithril named figurines which are linked to MERP universe and non-canonical by the Tolkien Universe standards.
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    • Gavin

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