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    Well, so this is where that scamp Nob was hiding! Many thanks to Gildor for feeding and watering him while we were out on the street awaiting things being fixed up in here. That Gildor’s a good fellow, and has done us proud. He even found me a proper capital ‘B’ for the spelling of my name – no more of that half-uncial stuff for me!

    And now we can even have numerous different topics running in such a way as I don’t get them all mixed up. Well, I’ll still get them mixed up, but at least now I won’t have any excuse for it.

    And I won’t even have to keep redecorating rooms and moving bottles ana barrels every hundred message or so. But I may have to do a lot more reading.

    In the meantime, all hail the Elf Gildor – a good lad for someone out of the Wild (even if no good is usually heard about such folk). We owe him a lot, and I and my love of coiny things are both grateful to him.

    All we need now are the wargskin rugs. They set out yesterday, Anyone seen them?