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    *Nob arrives with some nails and a little hammer*
    I’m here master Butterburr! *puff puff* You called for me? Iam ready to nail down those wargskins :)

    Oh and gentlemen, please, remember that the inn has grown larger now, there are several rooms for your commodity, don’t hesitate (I even encourage you) to explore them all (ie : create several threads rather than a single astronomically long one :)

    I’ll check Gildor as soon as possible so that he can fix your titles! Oh and a mail arrived for all of you to read apparently, a certain mister… Mandos (anybody knows who this could be) asked for replies to announces he has passed to you all it seems. I don’t know what it means but the letter was adorned with a very strange and good looking seal, the paper is soooo smooth, that would make a great handkerchief!
    (ie. suggestions and answers most welcome on the forum “Chambers of Mandos” )