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Huoommmm … whatever that is, Mistress Wendy … I’m sure I have none. Huoommm. But nice to meet you here again. huom. My last one on the old MMP was painted by Master ddaines, as far as I can remember … huooom … as all is gone I’ll have to produce it myself again … hom.
No problem … but it’ll take some time … rhuoommm
Ahhh, …I know that the title Master Caster “has quite a dwarvish ring to it” … rhuoommm … I know….. and … it’s a nice and pleasant language you provide to these premises … huoomm.
I’m sure that the barkeep here would have said that the name of that rascal over there is not of his interest unless he remembers his bar tabs …. huoommm …

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