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    The GW machine was always a subject for discussion in the ‘old’ Pony, so I thought we could use this old broom cupboard in the corner to continue the tradition (Nob will have to find somewhere else to sleep).

    The subject was brought back to my unreliable memory by a surf through the Last Alliance website yesterday (OK, I confess, I look at it on occasion), wherein one of their correspondents remarks on the fact that the company has made yet more staff redundant, axed some of its products and services and cancelled the dividend due to its shareholders.

    These are obviously not good signs. The fact that GW has been in a state of, how shall we put it, financial embarrassment for a year or so is well known, but these latest rumours, if true, place their entire future in question.

    I for one would find the company’s demise a sad loss. OK, some (many…) of their post-movie LOTR releases have been disappointing, but at its best the company has produced some fine figures if what you’re looking for is genuinely movie-based collectibles; and they have some very talented designers (the Perrys, Brian Nelson and others) who I wouldn’t wish to see out of work.

    But perhaps these are only rumours after all, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out.