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    (yup ddaines but maybe you should change the name of the thread… it is not really “beregond bergil and pippin” anymore don’t you think? :)

    To change a thread name, nothing easier : you simply have to edit the first post (which is possible only for moderators of the forum or for the original poster) and change the title of the first post… since it is the first post, it will change the title of the thread itself . Well it should :)

    As a side note, could you please all check back the first picture (beregond bergil and pipin) and click it to see the little effect for picture displaying that I added. I hope all of you have access to it, it is javascript and should be supported but almost all recent web browsers.

    I have switched the way the code is generated in the upload image section so for future posting you won’t see the difference, just copy paste the code given to you by the upload module. As for the already posted pics, well if you want I can edit them all to switch them to the new display system.

    Thanks for your comments on this