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    Though my point of view is not as… negative as Holger’s, I must admit I have never liked GW… First because , from the beginning, I try to defend a collector point of view for figurines…. as opposed to wargaming… And though GW has produced roleplayin/collector figurines (citadel etc) it is mainly because of them (and Warhammer) that this image of the small figurine (32mm) was necesarrily associated with wargaming by the mass people. Don’t get me wrong, I am not angry at wargamers or anything… but at the marketing force that put in front line the wargaming possibilities, putting back the collecting aspect. I always supported the idea that both should exist without confronting each other… Many brands of figurines have disappeared because of what GW has done…

    And besides, there is a style…… Mithril is realistic, GW is fantasist in the shapes and design of their figurines… I always have liked realism…. Mithril is to GW what Everquest 2 is for Worlds of Warcraft (for those of you who know these references)….
    And I am a long time fan of EQ2 and I don’t like WoW at all for the same reasons I don’t like GW… mass people, simplicism, unrealistic design of characters.

    Who besides Mithril makes realistic figurines? excepted the famous collector figurine brands such as Pegaso, Andrea, and all sorts of historical figurines. The fantasy ranges are … left only with Mithril… (even Andrea 32mm is too fantasist for me, unlike the 54mm)