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    Gildor Inglorion wrote:
    Who besides Mithril makes realistic figurines? excepted the famous collector figurine brands such as Pegaso, Andrea, and all sorts of historical figurines. The fantasy ranges are … left only with Mithril… (even Andrea 32mm is too fantasist for me, unlike the 54mm)

    Thunderbolt Mountain figs are nice and well proportioned, but it’s basically Tom Meier’s hobby so while the prices are very nice, the availability is difficult. (They are closed till mid April.)

    I’m not too fond of any of Andrea’s figures. Their casting quality is not consistent and their accuracy is suspect. Pegaso and Romeo have beautiful figs, but expensive (not that Andrea isn’t). Enigma’s 54mm fantasy figs are nice, from what I’ve heard, but the quality goes down quite a bit for their smaller scale fantasy figs.

    I would be more ambivalent towards GW if they hadn’t been such a bully to other companies.