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Ok, here is the list I have using an old, incomplete list and my memory:

I mailed Elrond to Ken in California who sent him to
Sherie in Texas to
Shadowspawn in Chicago to
presto247365 in Detroit area to
Mithrandir and Dernhelm in Philadelphia to
Mithril factory in Ireland to
Chris Tubb to
theancientbalrog in the UK to
Ori in Spain to

he’s still with Ori right now

Maenas in Spain to
Fadrion in Spain to
erchamion in Spain to
Gildor in France to
Ddaines in the UK to
Zoetrop in Germany to
Axel in Germany to
Theobald in Germany to
Protozeus in Germany to
HalbaradII in Germany to
HSF62 in Australia to
Axe99 in Australia to
Jdbrown55 in Texas to
Twrich in Minneapolis to
Gavin in Provence de Quebec to


If anyone has been missed, please let me know. (I’m pretty sure the list was longer.)

(Changes to the list are in red as of Aug. 17, 2009)

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