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Huooommmmmrhuooooommmm … Master Barliman, wouldn’t it be appropriate by now to change the name of this very thread “Scrumpy all around” to something else? Maybe simply “The Prancing Pony” (a second time) …. huoommm …. of course I don’t want to criticize, but sometimes I get lost here trying to find the old (!) Pony … huommm …. unless you expanded that place that much intending to produce a maze … huommm … you know running around between all those rooms there and back again could make an old Ent a bit tired …. huooom. …. So, is this the place where bowls of clear clean water can be purchased and where in the past rumours were spread and facts were provided? … huoommmm ….or do I again have to move elsewhere …. alas, not even the beams are at the same level around here … outch …

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