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    well well , actually my provider had a little problem yesterday it seems. I could not even myself access any functionality of the site (no database, ni forum, no ftp, no webpages, and no sql….) but they have put everything in order today.. EXCEPT one thing , rather important : the GD library… it may not mean a lot of things to you, suffice it to say it is the library of graphical functions. and thus the “Upload image” module and my database reference sheets… are messed up until they solve the problem. Thanksfully nothing has been lost at all, and anyway, I have backups.

    Special image, and thumbnails generations are out of order for the time being, please do not post pictures on the forum and I apologize for all the references on the database that are not working well (all references without pictures are working well, only those with pics are messed up)

    Some sort of unscheduled problem or maintenance it seems. It’s the first time in three years…