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What is so complicated about this matter?
The old list is gone for good. Alright.
So we have to start anew.
As for now he obviously is in Spain at the moment.
Good. So he’s not lost.
Over there still Fadrion, Maenas are awaiting the Travelling Elrond.
That means some more weeks, months in Spain.
That leaves us time to plan his further visits, doesn’t it?
So why do you haste?
There’s time enough to find out a new route for him.
What concerns me most about this matter is that the pics of his previous stays obviously got lost.
That’s a hard one. d****d !
As I am sure that everybody who hosted the “Travelling Elrond” has kept pics of that event somewhere, we might reconstruct his travels and even be able to regain the pics.
I’ll try to help with this … I’m optimistic, you know.

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