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Huommmrhuoommm … I complained about a missing Christmas figure for 2006. I said that there’s no good tendency in not keeping up Mithril traditions. The year 2005 was the first one of non-Christmas figure. That’s why I sent my complaint to the company, because I still think some traditions have to be kept.
Huooommmm …. rhuoommm … I tried to find out about Mithril-plans about that matter and Michael O’Brian answered me that this will be considered. Later on he informed me that there will be a Christmas-figure, but it might take some time to produce it … as far as I can remember he said, it’ll be in spring 2008 – so, a bit late I think. – Oh, by the way, it was then when I started the thread on Gold-Board about the anniversary figure for this year (2008).
Michael let me know last November that the ‘Christmas figure’ will be released, but he couldn’t tell exactly when …
As for the size and appearance it could definitly only be a 54mm size with an ‘antique finish’ (as all the Christmas figures are – except the very early ones).
I didn’t know the one for 2006 might be Thranduil.

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