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I have begun filling the Mithril Faerylands gallery with some pics of mine . I will continue with the special MA1, special dwaw of waw, and the MW347… and even the MW346 first references now…

Should the Pre-1994 Christmas figurines be considered Uniques and fit in one special section? “Early Christmas figurines”? (they will also be in the database anyway)

I may… indeed it is only a prayer of mine… so I repeat, I may.. I HOPE that by this weekend I’ll have news regarding pictures of :
– Prototypes of any kind (Linked to the ME2 or the 54mm Saruman)
– Christmas figurine 1989 & 1991

In six months from now… I’ll check my hosting provider… if need be, I will switch to a bigger formula with more than 500Mb… i really don’t want to spoil this website and community because of size problems…

I am currently talking with Chris , and maybe to Lars or Michael soon as to make this site the “official” Mithril fansite , (with banners, direct links to online stores and advertising if need be) why not?

grrr, this missing trading engine is annoying me though…

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