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    As for the pre-1994 Christmas Figures I think there’s one major difference. The very early ones until 1990 are a class of their own, I would say. Then some of the Eowyn (91), Galadriel (92) and Isildur (93) were sold within the last years but now of course are definitely not available any more. So I suggest to point out that difference somehow.
    Comparing this matter with the Mw347s, for example there’s a similar problem. I’m sure that from those releases the ‘Angrenost Guard’ and the ‘Half-orc command’ will not be accessible any more. On the other hand we know that the man in Lille sometimes offers other figures of that army. One cannot know if someday there will be someone selling let’s say a 1992 Galadriel.
    This is the problem I have myself to find adequate terms for the categories.
    The ME Aragorn and the Saruman definitely are prototypes, maybe even the Dwaw of Waw ’96 (though I know a second collector having that figure). Then also the MS423A Galadriel could be regarded as a prototype (with only 15 miniatures existing), as it was first thought of to start the Gold Membership but was replaced by MS423 Aragorn.
    The term ‘Uniques’ on the old MMP was used for all non-regular releases, I think. As the Mw347 was included (as now logically the upcoming Mw346) what about the Pm1 (Elven Princess Vignette) for example?
    What to call ‘variants’? I would call those 30 castings of the Mx436 (Burzash) variants. But what about the B1 (mounted officer) of the Mw336 (Gondor Army)?
    Gildor, I think it’s up to you to decide about this.
    (I don’t want to leave even more work up to you, I just tried to let you know how I’m feeling about this naming of catagories). :)