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MMP Elder

    well Eowyn is 1990 not 91…. 1991 is not mithril related it is Patrick Sarsfield.
    Before 90 we only have two : Aragorn and a little Isildur.

    well I’ll only consider two things : Uniques and variants… that will be easier this way.
    As for the gallery, no problem at all, in matters of pictures I set a category which encompass both variants and uniques. so mw and pm1 or ms423A have their place there alltogether

    what I wanted to settle out is about christmas figurines because these figurines , prior to 1994 were not ‘market’ released. They were gifts, or advertising material.
    Lately all of these Uniques have spread on the internet and the few of us who were around at this time have been very fortunate indeed, but this remains an exception and does not alter the nature of the figurines themselves

    Variants = released OR unreleased work/protype/alteration of a figurine that was already released or meant to be released later in a more or less slightly different form. This is the case for the Gondor B1, for your Dwar of Waw (NB: it is Dwar, not Dwaw. Full name is Dendra Dwar…. Mithril made a typo mistake) some different MX or Beorn in bear form or different M1 arm , if I remember well. I tend to put your antique finish MA1 in this category, though it is a “unique piece” , it is a variant of an existing one
    Uniques = unreleased OR very scarcely released (now unfindable) figurines that are unique in their kind and are not related in their shape , design or form with any other figurine that was mass-market released. we could assume . One could say that MS423A is not unique because it is a remake of [mith]Chr1992[/mith] Galadriel, or even MS423(B) which is a remake of the [mith]Chr1988[/mith] Aragorn, or even ME2 which is a 54mm version of the [mith]M124[/mith] Fellowship Strider. But comparing 54mm as variant of a 32mm (or vice vers) would be a little… too much :)

    I hope it won’t be a problem… Don’t worry, I have time AND most important : passion, regarding the work I am doing for this community and website :) I want this project to be “grand”