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    I do not see any problem at all, Gildor. Not at all. And I really do not worry :)
    But this moment I already see your project as being something “grand”. And so do others.
    Sorry about the mistake with that Eowyn-Christmas-number .. You’re right mentioning that (some ?) of those early figurines were advertising material. So is this MA1 with special finish I’ve got. I could give more detail about that, if you want.
    As for the name “Dwaw(!) of Waw” I simply relied upon Chris Tubb’s way of spelling the name for that figure. When he gave me that figure in 2005 he spelled it the way I use to do. I was lucky that he asked me about my opinion about that figure compared with the later released LR-version. So this name was printed in more than just one emails. (I still keep those mails). And it always was spelled by Chris in the same way. So, that’s why I prefer calling that figure Dwaw of Waw. I also can provide some information about why that figure was not produced …
    …. take a rest, Gildor, that’s what I asked you to do …