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well the matter of DwaR…ggrrr.. it is an RRR… is a bit complex… Was the LR15 scheduled at the time of this prototype conception?
It can be a unique… or it was used as a “model” for the LR15… the helmet, the robe, the hands are the same, only the general position and orientation and the waves in cloth fabric (robe and belt cord) are different. In this way it is indeed a prototype…in the first sense of it , that is : a model to use as a reference (not necessarily 100%) for future production

It is not a variant of the LR15… it is a “prototype of” the LR15…. yes, that’s the word! “a prototype OF” , the same way the 54mm Saruman was later used as a “prototype of LR2 (with scale reduction).

well now… how on earth could I put my hands on all (or some) those prototypes for my own collection ….
Dwar…ME2 (and possibly all the others ME around)… Saruman 54mm… 1991 & 1989 Christmas…

It seems my collection is far from complete…. but can we speak of “collection” when it comes to prototypes?

I should think myself grateful to at least have a MS423A I suppose

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