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If you consider alignement the same way it is done in D&D… evil can be chaotic or lawful.. I doubt orcs or trolls who are chaotic , have a fancy for uniforms though they may respect it from the hierarchy… but as for humans, evil humans but who have been under strict hierarchy for decades if not centuries, I do think uniform does count. It is the case for Haradrim, it is the case for easterling, in their “own fashion” of endor-outlandish. As for men from Nurn and Gorgoroth, (even if they are not so numerous) , we could assume some of these people have an organisation….

Though it is true that Tolkien always depicted “evil” civilizations as brutish, unorganized, chaotic, and not very fashionable…(dunlendings for example, or even Brodda the Easterling’s Household during the first age)
When it comes to Mithril though, we clearly see , in the figurine range, that top hierarchy evil personnalities do wear splendid armor or uniform : Sauron himself, the nine nazgul (in the LR11-19 range), the witch-king special “One-year membership” MS, Gothmog, the Admiral of Umbar, angrenost guards (both in the Isengard range or in the unreleased MW347 range) and also in the “early range” of the army of the witch-king, with their triangular helms, actually I don’t know if these figurines have been mentionned before in this thread but there is an entire range of soldiers for the witch king army, but it is back to M40-M60 or so… even earlier maybe.

Oh and by the way don’t forget to vote on the official mailboard, I hope the Gandalf will win… Though I should ask Michael (if it does) if the figurine could really be entitled ‘The Flight of Gandalf’… it is supposed de depict a scene and thus have a title instead of a mere “description” of gandalf riding gwaihir.

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