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    It’s a race against time, but my Corsairs are almost painted – amazing what the chance of winning a freebie can do for the enthusiasm :D

    I’m not mounting them on a ship, but take a look at the images I sent in on the thread for painted minis and you can see a couple of ships I’m working on. One for the Corsairs the other a Gondorian Warship.

    The Venetian Galley is very similar to Heller’s La Reale de France which you will see in one of the images. It is a beautiful model even if the instructions are S***e and the vac-form sails are even worse :mad:, however it is coming along niceley and the GF Corsair Admiral looks very much at home stood upon the ‘bridge’.

    Should I ever be able to get enough Corsairs to complement it then it will weigh a ton, plus (as a certain observant Ent noted) it will need a lot of oarsmen (but I think I can sort that!).