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Well, after almost a month of not painting anything after getting back from Ireland (the huge wad of bills waiting for me helped…discourage…me), I then spent another couple of weeks rebasing a GW orc army I had painted the year before. Off came the crummy plastic bases and on went metal washers.

This used a lot of washers and a lot of patience, and a lot of five minute epoxy. Indeed it also involved a lot of balancing oddly posed figures against paint bottles to make them stay put.

When that was done, I then finished painting some more MERP pc types from Mithril. Yay.

But no, I said. I shall show discipline! I will finish painting those “Moria Goblins” (about 28 more in total) and touch up the ones from last year, and finish painting those 15 Mordor Orcs, and then touch up the other 30 or so orcs. Oh and paint that Balrog I bought cheap on ebay as a Helegrog (from the Decipher RPG). Not to mention those Cave Trolls. And the Mordor Trolls that can’t be stored anywhere :p

Besides, they’ll only get covered in vault dust.

That was early november. It’s now the end of february. I have 14 more orcs to “touch up” something that’s taking almost as long as it would to paint them new. I really made some weird screw ups with the paint the year before last.

This, by the way, has been an invaluable resource:


I’m bloody bored. Sure I’ve gone and done other things. I got a few more Mithril orcs for the Battle of Mirkwood lot painted, and a few more Arthedain warriors; finished painting the Faramir and Eowyn diorama minis (just need something to put them ON!); but the big pile of orcs on my “small styrofoam board with grass matting and random bits of scenery I call my guilt-board” just kept staring at me. I am also useing the opportunity to apply some paint to the bunch of Hithaeglir mithril orcs.

There’s also a large amount of Elves on the guilt-board, and a bunch of converted heroes.

I had hoped I would have been this far by the end of December, but noooo. Bloody real life and novel writing and freelance assignments and snow shovelling :D

And when this is done, its time to finally finish The Lady of the Mists diorama and start on The Battle of the Five Armies :p



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