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    I suspect if you cast 100 figures and sell them for 32 euros, you will sell them out really quickly. Everyone wants a rarity, and the MX figures are usually awesome.

    I suspect there are 250 members of the Gold Fellowship and most of them probably buy the figures. Eventually. Most don’t participate – its the same 20 or 30 people voting and suggesting. You’d probably shift more if the price point was lower. You’d also likely get more contributors to the forum and the voting if the price point is lower.

    So if you made, say, 200 MX figures, then you can have a lower price point and more will sell. They just won’t sell as fast.

    My brain’s a bit muddled this morning, but I suspect in the longer term, cheaper Fellowship/MX miniatures are the way to go. Make them double the price of their M equivalents.

    But all this is purely academic unless Mithril finds a way of increasing its visibility and access to its products.