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Gildor Inglorion wrote:
To talk about something else…

Well it seems that my eagle idea is flying away… and my “concept” of what a vignette month should be, is not shared at all with all members. Indeed vignettes are expensive, but they are rare among the MS choices to be made.
I must admit I am a bit disapointed (though nothing is lost yet)
The first vignettes released early during the first GF months had the true spirit of a vignette (Sauron vs Elendil/Isildur , the death of Boromir, the death of Thorin) Even in the MV series, the Death of Theoden, the Coming of Prince Imrahil… or former ones… all of them were true vignettes, with personnalities inside them.
But it seems that some think vignettes as “multiple figurines” or just a fighting scene not depicting events. I always thought that Vignettes should be events put into shape to capture an instant. And usually, this instand must be a strong one to deserve a vignette of its own (rather than a diorama made by collectors amateurs or professionals) something that deserves more than simple assembling of figurines but rather a whole as a sculpture.

I may be mistaken, but for those of us, if there are any, who love vignettes… they are too scarce , I think, to suggest a vignette which is just a juxtaposition of two or more single figurines, most of all, anonymous ones. Indeed, anybody has rights to submit mounted, single figurines too. But when it comes to suggesting vignettes I think it would be cool to have them, real vignettes with “names among them” :)

Mae govannen mellon Gildor,

I think you are perfectly right: GF figures or vignettes :D should be something very special, BUT also something one can pay- I like the Sauron vignette very much, but it was hard to pay such a high price for this:/. Me too does not like the idea of GF figures which could be easily “normal” M- figures. BUT: who decides about that? :rolleyes:


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