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I know my point of view cannot be shared by many alas. Maybe I’ll submit a MX one day… It happens that I have a budget allocated especially for Mithril still Sauron vignette was expensive far much thant anticipated (I don’t think any of us could know what price such a vignette could reach at the time of its vote… Since then people are -and this is very normal- quite afraid figurines may reach a big price…
Oh by the way I don’t always submit expensive ideas ;) Cirdan was my idea too and well, it was just a single figurine.

What saddens me the most is… vignette or single or any kind of GF release… is when the “theme” is not “special”. For example, the corsair Admiral, it is a cool figurine indeed, but it could have been casted along with the corsairs of Umbar regular M series… Now if you want the whole corsairs fleet, you have to be a member of the GF….. which is a bit odd. and though the corsair admiral is very well sculpted…. I admit I did not vote for it because I did not see its relevance among GF “specials”…. same for lossoth hunter, female ranger or troll drummeror trhanduil’s standard bearer…
but once again, everbody is free and the general vote proved me wrong on my “way of thinking” :)

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