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that’s the problem… MS is a community choice for the concept and theme, and design is done by Chris Tubb himself.

MX the design is shared between Chris tubb and the sponsor. Chris is paid to do and satisfy all wishes submitted , be it to the smallest details… When the imagination and idea comes from one source that is possible, but compiling more than 2 or 3 peoples into a single representation of an idea (even if more than 10 of them agree on the idea itself) is nearly impossible to achieve…
Still I am frigid towards MX because, IF someone (thanksfully so far it has not been the case) only did cast 30 figurines… for himself, without 100 others, then these figurines would be nearly impossible to get, and due to the price the sponsor has paid I am quite sure that these would sold on ebay for at least as much as an early Xmas figurine… and I am against “artificial rarity”.. rarity must be something deserved.. not created artificially well it can, but not SUCH a degree of rarity…
I would never submit a 30 casting idea… because I would not want others to do so and not have a chance to get my hands on one of these… Since indeed, I would do anything to get one for my collection…

I hope you see my point, it’s a bit late and my spirit (and english) may be a bit blurry

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