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    I suspect, Master Gildor, that many of the MX issues could be resolved with communication between “shareholders.” Communication, married to a strong concept, would keep things on a pretty even keel.

    The problem comes with ambiguity.

    If, say, a group of “shareholders” wanted an MX of Gandalf escaping on Gwaihir, then you could jointly decide on:

    – An action shot. The eagle’s wings are out, soaring, and Gandalf is holding on tight.
    – A bigger eagle than before. Mithril’s great eagles are a bit small, right now.
    – Gandalf is looking forward.

    The rest of the details would be self explanatory, and wouldn’t be grounds for much disagreement.

    However, if you wanted something like:

    Ar-Pharzon The Golden

    You would be automatically courting disagreements, if there were shareholders.

    – What is the king wearing? “Scale mail?” one of those weird Numenorean helmets? Or perhaps the winged crown?
    – Is the king receiving Sauron’s submission? Or is he raising his sword inspiring his troops before the fleet leaves for the Undying Lands. Or is he urging his troops on as they conquer Umbar
    – Is the king young, or older?

    And so on and so forth.

    So, I’m thinking with the right concept, defined in advance, you could have a shareholder model for the MX project. With the wrong project… you are having problems.