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    I think I should add some more thoughts of my own concerning an MX being submissioned, as these also have to do with the Imrahil-MX.
    At the moment I’m trying to decide (discussing with Lars Edman) about the number of releases for that figure. Yes, I could now say let there only be those thirty numbered figures casted as I pay for it. But that doesn’t make any sense to me. On the one hand I want other collectors to enjoy a new MX as I enjoyed the former ones. I do not want it to be produced as a rarity right away, that never was my intention. So here, from my point of view, Gildor is absolutely right.
    On the other hand I have to think about the fact that an MX-figure has to differ (in terms of numbers released) from an ‘ordinary’ MS-release (which means less figures being produced to make it something special).
    Then, of course, there’s the important idea to make it available to everybody who might be interested in that figure as I feel being part of a ‘fellowship’ and am absolutely not keen on regarding an MX as a source for making money. That’s why I never intended to sell any of them privately or on Ebay.
    I decided to do this, so it’s done (so I’ll never complain about a financial risk – as we all know that there is one). I wanted to have that figure produced for myself, I absolutely enjoyed the contact with Chris about this project, that’s it.
    But what I always tried to consider was about two other important things:
    – there must be availability enough for other collectors
    – the price for the figure shouldn’t be too high

    Availability: Lars Edman told me from their experiences with the other MX-figures it always took about two months to sell those figures by Mithril (based on a number of about 120 figures that could easily be sold). He suggested to have 150 figures casted … and that’s what we’re discussing at the moment. I am decided not to have more than 150, you can be sure about that.
    So this means that within a period of two months everybody who is interested will have the chance to get one.

    Price: My intention was to keep the price for Imrahil as low as that of the former MXs. So we agreed on 29.95€. Which I think is less than that of some MS-releases. Why? There’s a simple answer to this: I want to keep a fixed price (guaranteed by Mithril selling the figures) that is based on an MS-release and so the figure should be affordable for everybody being interested in it. I myself will not keep figures to sell them on Ebay later on. I do not want to support those tendencies we register on Ebay when some rare figures are sold for horrend sums. With this I feel in line with Chris’s idea selling his rarities per “buy it now”.

    Sorry about this long explanation, but I felt obliged to let you know about my thoughts about MX-releases as I am in the process of deciding and thinking (or better the other way round) at the moment. Huooommrhuuuoooommmmmm …hom.