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    Very nice indeed, Wendy!

    Well I finally finished my…large…amount of GW Orcs for the Mount Gram/whatever army. Thirty six of the little “Moria Goblins” – all metal, thirty eight or so “Mordor Orcs” (the older metal ones), fourteen “warg riders,” five cave trolls, and a helegrog (a GW Balrog painted in other colours.)

    They came out pretty good. The problem, of course, is that the casting on the GW figures is highly variable. Some of the sculpting is odd. The later plastic figures looked less weird, but were of lower detail quality.

    I’ll post some pictures someplace when I get some sort of tripod.

    Next up, some Mithril Hithaeglir orcs. Though I am taking a break and painting the converted Elladan and Elrohir figures I made first. Trying to figure out how to make a good “silver-grey” cloak colour for them.