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MMP Elder

    Well about painting… I have almost finished painting the LR11-LR20 series of Nazgul. It have been wanting to paint those for years as I really like them. But I soon discovered it was a hell to take care of them. Let me explain :
    I do not paint at home, as I do not have enough space for that, (unless in summer on the balcony), so I have a portable workbench with paints, brushes, all material for assembling and sculpting, and a smaller case with foam rubber to take care of the figurine “in progress”…
    But these unassembled LR figurines are quite fragile and even in foam, they tend to disassemble and break during transport mainly ONE thing, the cape…. Though the principle of a separate cape is great, the capes for these Nazgul are horrible (for some of them) to fix and maintain in place… the fixation with the body is quite always too small…
    Anyway, I managed, in the end to paint all of them except LR11 “witch-king” that I am currently painting.
    I hope the result will be great but I admit I am reluctant to move them anywhere now because of their cape… (especially LR12 and LR13 …