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    Wendy wrote:
    Gavin wrote:
    We got freezing rain, then snow, then rain, then a freeze so suck it up. :D

    Yuck. Nasty stuff. Staying off the 401, eh? :/


    Well, I try to stay off the 401, unless I am being hauled along on one of my wife’s trips to TO. For those that don’t know imagine a long highway surrounded by featureless bugger all. Then you arrive in this huge Milton Keyens like place, sick tired and possibly a little insane.

    Our trip from Montreal home went something like this.

    Heavy snow.
    White out.
    Heavier snow, ice accumulation on windscreen wipers.
    Ice pellets/hail.
    Freezing rain.

    45 minute trip became a two hour extravaganza.

    Anyway, to get back on topic, the metal on the base isn’t a huge deal for a low rate of production figure. We will be sucking up the price difference by paying 20 euro for it.

    I am, however, thinking of asking can I buy one without the finishing.