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    well it is not too “little” in an objective way… but you must consider that the former M16’s went for more than 350€ or even more than 410€… they were indeed complete but when I say too little I meant that it was way below the average price of the m16 when we look at the price list, Zoetrop fixed its price at 400€ average… and this time it was 221€ ….

    I do not come from a very rich elf family myself I got my M16 for 45€ … (without the sword) back in time… but times change…

    Besides, some say that when one loves, one does not count… it’s somehow my case , when it comes to Mithril… (alas, I have to remind that I was partly responsible for the 1988 Aragorn going up to 1600€, but if it reached that price it’s because some one(s) love(s) even more than me and do(es) not count at all……)