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    Hello Master caster. No , I wasn’t in this morning, but Nob told me you were asking after me.

    And Gildor, I completely agree about the charm of the unorganized old gaming shops. My friends and I used to go every Saturday night to a shop in town, where they would lock the doors at ten in the evening, but allow us to play RPG games, or anything else people wanted–Axis and Allies, Diplomacy, Machiavelli, even Monopoly, etc . . . until the early hours of the morning. The owners were gamers too; not just RPG or board games, but full scale miniature war-gamers. They had vending machines for snacks and pop, and we all had the best times of ouir young lives!

    I miss those days, and wish that I could afford Mithrils then. When someone was able to afford a nice figure, we all gathered around to look at it, and wished we had one!

    Ahhhh, yes! The good old days!