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    Of course, if everyone had thought the old shops were so good and had supported them, then I guess they’d still be around. The very last of that ilk closed down in Cambridge about five years ago, because a GW had opened up a few years before that and everyone seemed to prefer their products. So in the end it was the lack of customer loyalty and the absence of worthwhile product that settled the issue. Shops need to make money for their owners or they don’t survive.

    The only positive aspect to the shop’s sad demise was that I was flush with cash at the time and managed to buy a lot of remaindered stock. Unfortunately (and strangely), however, there were no Mithrils.

    Ah, another riddle contest would be interesting, Master Tree, but I think that in fairness to everyone else you’d need to announce exactly when each question would be asked – I had the advantage last time of always being about the place, so it wasn’t a case of being more clever than everyone, just that I was able to see and answer the questions first!