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rhuoomm … back again … well, Master Barliman, those Thomarillion pieces are quite nice but to me obviously too sterile and one can see the material they’re made of immediately …. rhuoomm.
I know those were meant for production, so there always have to be compromises … hom
so I do prefer working with different material … I will have to show because I cannot explain …
huoommm … oh by the by I chose to start with the East Gate, then a hall, a great chamber (not the one with the tomb), after that there’s the vault with the bridge, then an idea of the Moria mines … still working on another ‘great hall’ … each piece having a base of approx. 50X50 cm.
rhuoommm … all material used is not kind of plastic just pure … huomm including those spider webs I discovered … alas … have some nice days off and enjoy the beginning of spring today …
rhuoomm … as some people producing those calendars tend to set it ….hom

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