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    496 belongs to the Mithril range incremential… MS495 was Salute 07 as far as I can remember… PM stands for Phaton Miniature maybe, like the PM1 elven maidens… Mithril chose to use a different Prefix than M… but the number used still matches the reference which may mean that… there wont be any M or MS or MX496…or maybe they’ll do the same they did for the MB369 and M369….

    anyway I’d be curious to know how it is that some people here manage to have their VIP entries or favors to get such material before date :) or even manage to keep in touch with the Man.

    I may have had a problem with my emails or whatever, but I have been polite and everything… but it’s been close to two months I asked but simple news of Chris Tubb and not even a little answer to tell me he’s ok but just busy :(

    I begin to think people at mithril or Chris himself are bored of me… and I don’t know why :(