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I wouldn’t read too much into it, Master Elf. You’ve been dealing with The Man long enough by now to know that the regularity of his communications is spasmodic at best. I’ve been waiting for pictures of the remaining Dol Amroth figures for about six weeks, in which time he’s promised to send them twice. He also forgot to ask the factory to send me some Corsair freebies until I reminded him a fortnight ago (these were in thanks for my input regarding their appearance). But I still didn’t get a reply from The Man himself! It’s just par for the course with Chris. A great guy, and a generous one, but very, very busy most of the time. And don’t forget that he has a large family and a home life to manage as well!

As for the wolf-rider, ah, well, it’s a case of who you know not what you know, as we say here in Bree. That’s also how I got one of the different pre-production versions of the Glorfindel/Witchking combo last year, as well as the standard model. At the moment I’m not certain if my wolf-rider is a standard or pre-production casting, but the fact that he’s undercoated would suggest the former.

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