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Huoommmrhuoooommmmmm … well, contacting the Man is a different matter and quite obscure … if I were you, Master Gildor, I wouldn’t worry that much …. rhuoommm … the frequence of replies changes as much as the weather does … huom … once he told me that he keeps to a habit of answering emails once in a month … hom … then, while working on that Imrahil-MX he was able to react immediately within a day …. also he sometimes decides not to reply to certain questions, just ignoring the matter … rhuooommm …. hom … and then there’s the fact that he sometimes gives information that he afterwards seems to have forgotten …. rhuoommmm …. it took me about a year to remind him of having promised to sell those Dwarves … as he announced before …. hom … then there was some delay … ahem, I simply asked him not to put them on Ebay in the summertime, because then many collectors might be on holiday and so not being able to buy them … rhuoommm … he agreed and later forgot about it for a while …. yes, and up to now there is no sign to read about when selling (offering) the next Dwarves … rhuoommm … on the other hand he never forgets to inform us precisely when he intends to put another ‘buy-at-once’ offer on Ebay …. rhuoommm … so some things are complicated …. but it’s not a reason to worry, Master Gildor …. the explanations Master Barliman gave also should be considered seriously, as he has closest of contacs to the Man …

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