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those are bad news indeed … at the moment just try to keep your head up … that’s all I can advise at the moment …. and there’s no need to think of annoying us … not all all.
So, what’s gone is gone … I know about losing things in which a lot of time was spent in.
You’re right trying to think of something else. The best you can do. And I would like to add that there are more serious matters in a life that have nothing to do with Mithril or MMP. So first set your options again once you have recovered from that shock.
Then at the end of that list you might consider your website again. But, please do not haste.
Remember that we managed to start a new MMP. Remember that there are others who try to save data. Be patient. Of course I can copy those CDs again … no problem … and do not think about costs for a CD … ;) … about those papers I sent you do not worry … so they’re gone, but just today I found more … and I think I will be able to get copies of those which are lost ….
don’t feel too sad, Gildor …. just try to cope with the facts ….
just trying to make you smile again there is fish …

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