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Just a shame it is for the US only!
Very nice minis within!

Big Lot of MITHRIL JRR Tolkien Miniatures Hobbit LOTR
** Over #40 Pieces ** Item number: 130210370857

And this is what you get!

Black Sword
M238 Turin “Black Sword” Mounted
M239 Orodreth of Nargothrond, opened
M240 Finduilas and Gwindor
M241 Brodda the Easterling, opened
M242 Hithlum Easterling Warrior, opened
2 M243 Brandir the Lame
M244 Turin Turambar
M245 Niniel the Bride
M246 Angband Orc-Captain
M247 Noldo Elven Warrior, opened
Last Alliance
M269 Gil-Galad High King, opened
M270 Elrond, Herald of Gil-Galad
M271 Elendil the Tall
M272 Cirdan at Gorgoroth
Tale of Turin
M215 Outlaw
M216 Morwen and Nienor
M217 Thingol of Doriath
M218 Outlaw of Teiglin
M219 Kim and Ibun
M220 Turin Gorthol Dread-Helm, opened
M221 Beleg Strongbow
3 M222 Horgoth Orcs
2 M223 Wolf Sentinal
M224 Gwindor, opened
Misty Mountains
M301 Great Eagle Gwaihir, opened
M302 Great Eagle Landroval
M303 Great Eagle Attacking Orc
M305 Hithaeglir Northman Adventurer, opened
M307 Stone Giant
M308 2 Hithaeglir Goblins
Cirith Ungol
M332 Frodo in the Tower
M328 Lugburz, Orc Tracker, opened
M330 Morgul Orc Fighting
Mithril Classics
MC17 Saruman and the Palantir
MC33 Orc Rider on Charging Warg
MC5 Great Goblin opened & painted
Gandalf, opened & painted
Heroines of Middle Earth
M318 Dunland Girl Warrior
M322 Easterling Shamaness
M286 The Chamber of Mazarbul doorway
M176 Isengard, Galndalf at Orthanc
M74 Far-Harad Caravan Guard
C 05-59 Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, Isildur
Fellowship of the Ring pack
Includes 9 metal figures
Opened, some small pieces broken off

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