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I see Michael now has a poll up and running so members can vote on their preferred voting system. Good idea.

I also see that yet another Mw347 pikeman is up on eBay – he’s probably been there a few days, but I’ve been too busy to take a look recently. He’s only £9 so far, though, despite 15 bids. But his appearance begs the question: how many of these comb-helmeted pikemen were cast? Virtually none of the other Mw347s have ever come up on eBay as individual figures, yet this dude comes up again and again (and again…), as if the world is full of them. I did some maths once, from information given to me by The Man, and his gifts to people, and the number of known eBay sales, and it seems to me that there must have been at least 60 to 80 castings of this particular figure – but apparently not of any of the others. Odd, that, but there must have been a reason. I wonder what it was?

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