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    well well, I was off five days and so much things have happened… Well thanks for the info David, I had no news actually since the Man has not answered me in more than 4 months now.. I have stopped sending mails as I know he is busy I don’t want to bother him…

    as for the Salute 08 figurine…Does Mithril have any plan on selling some of them to GF collectors? so far I had not planned to bid on ebay and there are not a lot of them for sale… I had thought someone would have some info reguarding that… But I hope I’ll be able to get my hands on one…

    Last year I took too much precautions and I got THREE Glorfindel & Witch King…. This time I would be happy with one only but that means I need to know from what source I can get one for sure :)