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    Theobald wrote:
    hoommm … meanwhile I was considering to let my son fly one of those Imrahil-variants on Ebay … huoomm … he suggested that … hom … it might give an idea about the price to be achieved for such metal-things …. rhuoomm … I know that Master Gildor and Master Zoetrop try to keep record about such matters … rhuoommm … but I have not decided yet … as I first wanted to ask here in the place where important matters are being discussed in the absence of audience or regulars … that’s what you complain about, Master Barliman, whenever you rightiously critisize those people not taking part in the choice on GF-polling … huoomm … hom!

    … how to ent that sentence … ?

    Mae govannen master Ent,

    would be mice to get one of those variants, even if I did not receive my “normal” Imrahil-MX. As I said, one of the best figures together with Halbarad Dunadan!!