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“Curiosity Killed the cat” as we say – if you don’t let him do it Master Ent you will always wonder just how much one may have sold for, allowing that what you give freely as a gift elsewhere will be kept as such and not ebayed!

Perhaps though it would be wise to wait until you have parted with the others in case listing too early on ebay gives a false indication of its true value.

Look at it as doing some market research for the good of the MMP database and not as an ‘oath-breaker’ as you do not want to be living in a twilight world waiting for the next King of Gondor to come along and release you from your oath :rolleyes:.

While I’m in here though I’d best top up on some scrumpy please Barli as I’ve had a hard day in the garden as well as a stressful bid on ebay for a Balrog which I picked up for less than £5 (I was the only bidder, that’s what was so stressful) a conversion is on the cards methinks once I get my little room back!

Well it’s a hot bath and some good shire grub for me – Jacket Taters with some of Gollum’s favourite fisssshhhes in it.

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