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Well, sometimes the acorn falls far from the tree, Master Ent…but more often than not it does not. As far as selling one goes, it would be interesting to watch. It is been my observation that eBay listings generally give an average value, but with something like this, which is likely to only come up once (if at all), the price paid would be a dubious reflection of value. It would have to come up more than once. Even so, if your son is determined to do this he should at least wait until all of the regular MX releases have sold out. Incidently, though my children are young, I will hope to prevail upon them as to the true value these Mithril, not as investments, but fine (miniature) works of art. Before I had children, my worst fear was that after I’d passed to the uttermost West, someone would sell my hard won collection for 25 USD at my “estate sale”! Of course, that could still happen!!!:|

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