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    The weird thing about living in Canada is that we generally have much of the same stores, selling much of the same products – only not quite.

    You guys recommended “Easy Off” oven cleaner for stripping – well we actually have two Easy-Off oven cleaners and neither have the exact ingredient for stripping paint. (the Easy Off that’s sold in Europe as Cilit Bang – for some reason – is better, though). Point being – what you might get in your local walmart in the US you might not get here in Canada.

    And I am in exile in the middle of nowhere, so there’s even less speciality shops. I suspect if I was in Toronto or Vancouver I’d find everything I needed. Montreal’s a bit weird for finding things and I am not even in Montreal. :)

    So, I need two smallish ones. Both for seven figure dioramas. About an inch high. I will figure out slightly better sizes in a bit.