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Hi Wendy,

I have been real busy lately, moving residences, dealing with children’s birthdays and graduations, etc . . .

So I apologize for not noticing this thread sooner, although I do remember you saying that you were going to post some pix of the chess set.

And I can tell all of you out there in MMP Faerylands that Wendy IS a master painter of miniatures. These pieces look incredible in real life up close. At first I thought that I’d actually play chess with them with my son. But I haven’t been able to bring myself to do this, as I don’t want the pieces to get banged up. Also, I found out from another post that Mithril is prohibited from making Chess sets by their license from TE.

This project started some time ago when I was going through my duplicate Mithrils and thought to put a chess set together from them. Then I decided to do this strictly from the Mithril Classics range. This was because I knew I would need to go to ebay to buy several pieces to complete the project.

Next was my best decision: to ask Wendy (she had painted my Halbarad, which is now my avatar) if she would paint them for me in exchange for certain considerations, which I’ll leave to her to reveal, if she chooses. But I can tell you that I came out much better in the arrangement (just picture that chess set, undoubtedly one of the only Mithril Classics set in the whole world) than the Unassuming Shield Maiden. I have offered additional considerations, but she never took me up on that, so I will have to take matters into my own hands!

Oh, as for the chess board, it will be custom-made by a friend of mine who is excellent at both stone and wood-craft. The squares will be two and one-half inches alternating between oak and onyx. They will sit upon a wrought iron table, inlaid to make for a flat surface. I will try to find a large glass case, such a might cover a sheet cake, to protect the set from dust. Well, this is the idea for now, but we’ll see if it can be done.

So Wendy, thank you so much for this marvelous masterpiece, and making the dreams of a certain shadowy figure in a dark corner of the Pony very happy. Scrumpy for all!!!

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